Top 5 favorite movies of all-time

         Just as a disclaimer before I start listing movies, I want to make it clear beforehand that I don’t want to make this into me reviewing 5 movies in one post, that’s not really what this is.  I love giving all of my readers a chance to experiment and see new movies that they […]

Top 10 best videogames I’ve ever played

        Being a causal gamer nowadays, I don’t play very many video games or play very often, but back around 2012 I was rarely outside and spent hours of free time that I wasted playing video games.  Now adays I don’t play as often, but I remember how damn awesome all of those games were.. […]

What’s your favorite movie?

        All of the movies I’ve written about on here, and that are yet to be written about, I’ve never written about my favorite movie yet.  Here it is, my favorite movie: “ Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something.  You got a dream, you gotta protect it.  Period. ” – Christopher […]

Racist Oscars?

Why wasn’t Oscar Micheal B Jordan.   nominated for an Oscar this year?           *Spoilers ahead*  The big talk for about 3 months up until about a week ago was “Oscars so white”  and how no blacks were even nominated this year for an Oscar.  Me and you both know what most people thought about […]

Ghostbusters: Hit or miss?

Ghostbusters: Hit or Miss?        As of right now, I don’t think very many people have gotten early access to the new “Ghost Busters” movie, starring Melissa McCarthy, who’s actually one of my favorite actors at the moment.  Aside from the director of course and all of the cast & friends, were all left in […]

The Revenant movie review

          Definitely one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2016 so far, and maybe even one of the best of 2015, but does it really deserve that title of the best?  Before watching this movie I was ready for a true masterpiece film, because according to everyone else (I could not find a […]